Publicado por Vitor Pordeus em 8/2/2014

Essay Prize Arts in Mental Health by the World Cultural Psychiatriy Research Review

Essay prize: ARTS IN MENTAL HEALTHA 4000-words essay around an arts-based project (or a series of initiatives) that contributes to a greater understanding of mental health/illness in any given cultural context (e.g. an arts-based prevention, advocacy, research, and/or healing project). The essay (word or pdf file) must be accompanied by visual materials (such as photos and/or videos of the project) or links to visual materials (e.g. website, shared folder) and can also consist of a photo-essay. It can be a joint project (e.g. a project co- authored by a healer and an artist).
The author/s must hold permission (or have gained permission before entering the prize) for the essay and accompanying visual materials to be published as an article for the WCPRR journal, and/or WACP website and newsletters.

Submissions will also be considered for publication in a WCPRR Special Issue on Arts and media in mental health.

Essays and visual materials must be sent by email to Jacques Arpin ( and Erminia Colucci ( by the 15th of March 2014.

Entries (one per individual) will be rated by a panel and the winner will receive 300 pounds!

The SIG in Art, Media & Mental health Jacques Arpin (Chair) Erminia Colucci (Co-Chair)